Waktu Iftar Bersama

Attarieq Reshad Humardhani  | 28 September 2023

Ramadhan is often cherished as a time for strengthening ties with family and friends among Indonesians. However, the majority of Indonesians studying abroad in Malaysia do not have the privilege of seeing their families during this time, whether it be due to academic or work-related responsibilities.

Hence, as a means to celebrate the holiday, PPI Monash recently hosted an event called Waktu Iftar Bersama, abbreviated as WIB. Although the event was largely organized in the spirit of a religious celebration, it was also hosted with the intent of fostering a greater sense of community among all Indonesians. In that sense, the event was largely successful in accomplishing both objectives.

The event began with ice-breaking activities and a variety of minigames played by participants. These minigames were original ideas created by the PPI Monash committee for the event and included a variation of

  • Chinese Whispers
  • Guess the Object
  • Charades.

Despite most of the participants being quite peckish as a result of fasting, the minigames proved to be an effective distraction for those who were participating. These minigames were held up until dusk, which signified that it was time for Iftar.

Keeping true to the namesake of the event, Iftar was served by the committee for all participants to enjoy together. After the Muslim participants were finished with their prayers, dinner was finally served, with Nasi Kuning and various toppings being the main highlight of the event. With that, the event ended on a positive note and with the spirits of all participants lifted, which was the main goal of the committee in organizing and implementing WIB.

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