Indonesian Bazaar at Monash Malaysia Campus

Sherlyn Claresta | 5 October 2023

Ever spotted an Indonesian student in Malaysia looking more homesick than a cat who just realized it’s not in the fish market?

Well, it’s not just the new country worries, it’s the nostalgia for the lively Indonesian vibe they left behind. They’re like fish out of water without their daily dose of Indonesian music that makes them groove, the street food that’s practically their soulmate, and a lifestyle that’s as vibrant as a rainbow. It’s homesickness that hits harder than a sambal kick! But hold onto your batik because at Monash Malaysia, there’s a magical escape hatch called “OneWorld.” Thanks to the PPI (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia), it’s like a taste bud time machine to Indonesia. They don’t just serve Indonesian food there; they serve up a slice of home that’s more comforting than grandma’s hugs. So, if you ever see an Indonesian student devouring Nasi liwet at OneWorld, know they’ve found their homesickness remedy in the heart of Malaysia!

Recently, Monash Malaysia held a bazaar with the theme “One world” which aims to increase the sense of solidarity between nations, especially between every foreign student studying there. Indonesia is one of the countries that also participated in the Monash Malaysia bazaar event. Indonesian bazaars are dominated by typical foods and snacks that make us remember Indonesia. 

Besides that, typical Indonesian drinks, from traditional ones to typical Indonesian snacks, are alsoa sold there. Starting from Pop ice, traditional snacks such as coki-coki, beng-beng, mie kremes, nasi liwet and other heavy foods. Warteg Eunoia also sells in the market and serves several typical foods and drinks from Indonesia. The implementation of this bazaar can also be a moment that can remind the love of Indonesian students who are studying abroad, one of which is at the Monash Malaysia Campus. Through this event, the Monash Malaysia campus also teaches that as the nation’s next generation, every student must be able to maintain their love for their homeland. Apart from that, the aim of holding this bazaar event is to introduce Indonesian food to the foreign community in Malaysia and Malaysian students in general and to strengthen the ties of brotherhood between these two countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia.

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