Gema Nusantara

Sherlyn Claresta | 5 September 2023

“A great nation is a nation that knows the services of its heroes” is more or less the basis for celebrating Indonesia’s independence day from the past until now. Exactly 17 August 2023, “Gema Nusantara” is present as an event to commemorate the age of independence of the Republic of Indonesia, which has entered its 78th year. 


Starting with activities that introduce local culture and traditional games on day 1 such as eating crackers, marble relay, tug-of-war, sack race, putting a pencil in a bottle, making the audience feel a strong and sustainable feel of independence from the nation’s local culture, continued on the 2nd day celebration The Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, the Gema Nusantara event, was complemented by an introduction to the nation’s traditional food and continued with a meal together to foster togetherness and mutual love for one another.

Gema Nusantara day 3 presents various types of competitions which can foster the fighting spirit of young people and foster a supportive attitude from within. The ultimate goal of this Gema Nusantara activity is to echo Indonesian culture and remember and celebrate the 78th Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day and to provide enthusiasm for today’s young generation to continue to respect the services of its heroes and to fight and make the country proud through the achievements they have made.

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