Eunoia Talk 2023: Unleashing the Art-Tech Revolution!

Sherlyn Claresta| 7 November 2023


Hey, readers! Guess what went down at Monash University, Malaysia recently? Eunoia Talk 2023, and boy, was it an epic shindig! Imagine Priscilla and Karen rocking the stage like your favorite DJ duo, and you’re halfway there. Traditionally, Eunoia Talk’s been this high-brow intellectual affair, but this year? They went all out. The theme? “Arts Unveiled: What’s Inside an Artist’s Mind,” but with a twist – it was all about music! Why? Because the Indonesian arts scene is popping, and thanks to the internet, local talents are making waves globally. How cool is that?

Kayla Dias

First up, we had Kayla Dias, a student from Jakarta who’s also a rising music sensation. She’s got these hits like “Tak Bersyarat,” “Dirimu,” and “Mantan” that you’ll probably have on repeat for weeks. But she’s not just about recording tracks, she’s rocked a mini-concert and even had her music featured in TV shows. The pandemic couldn’t stop her vibe, and we stan.

So, someone threw a curveball at Kayla: “How’s technology shaking things up in the music biz?” And her take was pretty much, “Technology’s the DJ at this party!” In a world where last year’s gadgets are museum pieces, technology is shaking up how we make and listen to music. It’s like your playlist on steroids.

Dipha Barus

But we weren’t done partying yet! Next up, we got Dipha Barus, the DJ who’s got an epic recipe for beats – a pinch of modern sound, a dash of traditional Indonesian flavor. He’s not your average DJ. He’s the kind who bagged the AMI Award for Best Music Production in 2016 with ‘No One Can Stop Us’ and hit the global charts in 2017 with ‘All Good.’ Talk about dropping the mic!

And then came the million-dollar question for Dipha: ‘Is it crazy expensive to be a DJ or music producer?’ His answer was a game-changer. It might take some serious pocket juggling, but the real secret sauce? Networking! It’s all about connecting with the right people and making your music dreams a reality.

Art is how Dipha Barus expresses his thoughts about the world and his life. Any form of art he creates is a personal message to the world around him. He’s all about sharing the message of ‘All good, and No one can stop us,’ which is his way of saying goodbye to his old self and making peace with it. To reach the point where he is now, Dipha faced a lot of criticism from his surroundings, but he’s confident he can prove the skeptics wrong about his career in art. He’s been into music since he was little and even went as far as handing out flyers to promote his work personally. The most challenging part of his journey was creating ‘No one can stop us,’ a perfectionist’s masterpiece that took two whole years to make and release to the public.

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