A Glimpse into DigiTalk by Eunoia: Celebrating Digital Media

Attarieq Reshad Humardhani| 27 October 2023


The DigiTalk by Eunoia virtual talkshow and conference recently concluded and brought together a vibrant community of attendees, eager to learn and explore the multifaceted field of digital media. The event spanned a myriad of topics pertaining to digital media, and its success was undoubtedly elevated by the contributions of its distinguished speakers.

Leivino Krisdeni took the stage, sharing a contemporary view on educational media on the internet. His insights, grounded in experience, offered attendees a fresh perspective on how educational platforms are adapting to the online realm, especially when it comes to his own, personal e-learning brand, Teman Startup and Teman Startup Academy.

The platform serves as his own means to educate the Gen Z youth in becoming more adept at being entrepreneurs and launching their own startup businesses. With his expertise in mind, Leivino Krisdeni delivered insights tailored to individuals who are interested in starting their own digital media business, especially with regards to how to be successful in the industry.

Hadi Ismanto delved into the present state of the creative industry and gave a captivating glimpse into its promising future. His session was a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of creativity and design in the digital age. As the co-founder, publisher, and director of Manual Jakarta, he brought insights regarding the state of mass media and how he hopes to change the way the general public consumes them. Regardless of how commercialised the current digital and mass media industry is at the moment, he approaches his business model in the sense of providing practical and relevant information to the public.

In fact, his own publication is a wordplay on Manual and Jakarta, meaning that it portrays itself to leaders as a guide to exploring Jakarta, as well as covering recent trends that are ongoing in the city.

Lastly, Ben Mulia captivated the audience with his deep expertise in content creation. Offering both foundational knowledge and advanced techniques, Ben ensured that attendees left with actionable strategies to enhance their content game. His expertise in running Cretivox, an independent digital media network, served as a masterclass in delivering unique and engaging content to youth in Indonesia.

With content published on multiple platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, Ben Mulia brought forward his insights in running the creative broadcast networks in the fashion of international networks such as VOX and VICE.

Feedback from the conference underscores the invaluable contributions of these speakers. With their diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives, Leivino, Hadi, and Ben provided the audience with a plethora of insights, ensuring that every participant could elevate their digital prowess. With each speaker having the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions, it’s evident that Digitalk was not just a regular conference event but a transformative experience for those who attended.

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