Bukberia > Plane Tickets : Your Gateway to Indonesian Delights & Ramadan Feels in Malaysia!

Sherlyn Claresta| 14 April 2023


Forget plane tickets and FOMO! Bukberia, the annual buka puasa bash by PPI Eunoia at Monash University, is your chance to escape to Indonesia without ever leaving Malaysia. Now picture dozens of Indonesian students laughing and chatting, faces glowing with a familiar warmth despite being far from home.

Bukberia is more than just a meal. It’s a lifeline for Indonesian students in Malaysia, a chance to reconnect with their heritage and combat the pangs of homesickness during Ramadan. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as students from various universities in Malaysia poured in. The air buzzed with conversations, catching up on lost times and sharing experiences of being a student abroad. The sight of Karen and Mildred, two of the PIC, beaming with pride as they welcomed everyone, perfectly captured the spirit of the joyful reunion. 

But Bukber Eunoia wasn’t just about reminiscing. PPI had planned a delightful itinerary filled with games that rekindled childhood memories. The “Gelas Berkah” challenge. Laughter erupted during the “Memecahkan Balon” game, while the “Berburu Takjil” sent students on a playful scramble for the sweet treats that mark the breaking of the fast. For a touch of friendly competition, there was the “Ketupat Making Challenge”. Groups huddled together, their laughter echoing as they raced to weave palm leaves and create the perfect ketupat. 

As the aroma of freshly prepared dishes filled the air, everyone’s attention turned to the scrumptious feast. The sight of martabak tahu, pisang coklat, es campur, and nasi campur bu leha sent a wave of nostalgia through the room. Each bite was a delicious journey back to Indonesia, a reminder of family meals and Ramadan celebrations shared under the same roof. The evening wasn’t complete without entertainment. They also have performance from Raisa and Mirko as our committee to grace the stage. The event left a lasting impression, a beacon of hope and camaraderie for Indonesian students navigating their studies in Malaysia. As they depart, they carry with them the warmth of the event, the delicious flavors of home, and the unwavering spirit to embrace Ramadan with newfound joy.

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