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Job Description

  • Oversee financial matters
  • Collect payments and accurately recording all the transactions
  • Plan and create budgets for events (effective resource allocation)
  • Process and issue payments
  • Prepare reports on the financial status of the club
  • Perform journal entries and other administrative works, ensuring accurate and organized financial records


Job Description

  • Plan, handle and control future events and activities
  • Preparing the details and procedures of events
  • Collaborate with Person in Charge (PIC) and other members to implement and manage the event as a whole. 
  • Be responsible in becoming the Master of Ceremony as per required. 
  • Help manage the event's site as field coordinator.

Public Relation

Job Description

  • Actively research and identify potential sponsors and vendors and provide regular updates.
  • Reach external parties to secure their participation in specific PPI events.
  • Conduct negotiations with external organizations for partnerships and provide regular updates.
  • Create Memorandum of Understanding documents and analyze contractual obligations to ensure the best course of action.

Publicity (Documentation)

Job Description

  • Doing video editing, videography, and photography for PPI's events


Job Description

  • Oversee and manage PPI Monash Eunoia's inventories.
  • Plan and execute logistics strategies to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure smooth logistics operations.
  • Set up events venue.

Publicity (Design)

Job Description

  • Graphic design: Designing for event posters, IG stories and feeds, power point slides, merch, and printables.
  • Decoration: Making photobooth mockup, photobooth decor, and events room decor 
  • Liaise with other member regarding marketing strategy.
  • Communicating event needs on design and decoration, and making sure of the availibility
  • Oversee decorations and photobooth.

Publicity (Website Article Writer)

Job Description

  • Creating website article for PPI
  •  Identifying recent trends and develop them

Publicity (Social Media Manager (Instagram and Linkedin))

Job Description

  • Post both weekly and event contents on schedule
  • Actively replying to direct messages and requests
  • Post pictures and videos on story during an ongoing event.

Publicity (Website Admin)

Job Description

  • Uploading website articles
  • Updating website contents according to the latest PPI Monash Malaysia's events
  • Creating forms on PPI Monash Malaysia's website

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